Resource Center


Many of ECC programs and operations are run by the Resource Center and its three steering committees, the Library Committee, the Personal Development Committee, and the Media Committee. The Resource Center disseminates information via its monthly newsletter ERI-VOICE. Yonas Kinfu is the overall coordinator of the activities of the center.


Library Committee: The Library Committee collects books, audio-visuals, magazines, newspapers and other educational materials. Members can check materials out or use them in the reading room. The computer facilities within the library can also be used for word processing, Internet browsing, and other utilities.


In addition, the Library Committee can assist members in their search for books and other materials; job related information, and translation of documents. Moreover, the Library Committee assists the Board of Directors in maintaining an official Webster of ECC-Boston; archiving the files of ECC-Boston; and recording and documenting the history of ECC-Boston. Finally, the committee creates its own clubs to review and discuss ideas, books, films, etc.


Hadgu Dawit, Abinel Berhe, Tesfay Meressi, Fanon Berhe, Naomi Bitow, Semret Girmai and Babiker Ibrahim are currently serving as members of this committee.


Personal Development Committee: This committee is responsible for all training programs. Its main tasks are organizing seminars and workshops on various social/heath/financial issues; mentorship programs; evening adult education classes (English, math, computers, etc.); and debate club, Toastmasters, etc. Moreover, the committee assists members in preparing resumes and rehearsing for job interviews.


In addition, the committee plans to establish and administer a scholarship fund to encourage formal education and to instill a sense of responsibility among its members. The latter is important because those who benefit by a scholarship fund are likely to assist the current and new generation of ECC-Boston members once they are established themselves. The committee plans to establish formal contact with other resource centers in Boston, for the benefit of its members. The committee also plans to expand the range of its services to include services directed to help the elderly and those who need assistance in immigration related issues.


Alazar Mengistab, Habtom Ghiorgis, Selam Kiflom, Girmai Bokre, Tsehaye Mebrahtu, Yonas Kinfu, Luwam Semere, Ruth Gebru and Yonathan Tekleab are currently serving as members of this committee.


Media Committee: This committee is responsible for maintaining a discussion forum and for dissemination of information, both internally and externally. Although radio and TV programs may be included in the future, depending on the availability of resources and volunteers, the committee currently publishes a monthly newsletter. The newsletter is totally devoted to the news and views related to ECC-Boston. These include newsworthy items like weddings, new births, deaths, and interview with members, regular messages from the Chairperson or ECC Board of Directors, community-related announcements, paid advertisements, and discussions related to ECC-Boston.


Belai Tewolde, Dawit Weldai, Naomi Bitow and Rahwa Asmerom are currently serving as members of this committee.